We Protect Our Clients
 We Protect Our Clients

Methamphetamine Screening: An Inexpensive Way to Ensure Safety

The manufacture and use of methamphetamine occurs in various locations, including residential houses and rental homes. Unlike the controlled manufacture of chemicals and drugs, clandestine manufacture results in the uncontrolled storage, use, generation, and disposal of a wide range of chemicals and the deposit of methamphetamine drug residues on indoor surfaces. These residues have been found at high levels on porous and nonporous surfaces and have been shown to persist for months to years. Persons exposed to these environments often show adverse health effects, especially in children. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/65/wr/mm6552a3.htm?s_cid=mm6552a3_w


The manufacture and use of methamphetamines are so prevalent in Minnesota that the legislature felt the need to enact laws regarding the disclosure of known meth manufacturing sites.  According to state law, the sellers of a property are required to disclose the fact that a property was used for methamphetamine manufacture if the sellers have knowledge of this activity. This disclosure is required both in the case of a declared or an undeclared meth labs.
Along with that disclosure statement the seller must inform the buyer of the following:

  • Whether local authority issued an order on the property that it must be properly remediated before it could be occupied
  • Whether any orders issued were vacated upon completion of remediation
  • If there was no order issued, but the seller is aware that meth lab activity occurred, they must indicate the status of removal and remediation on the property


However, here in Minnesota it is legal to sell a property without a disclosure if a waiver is agreed upon by both buyer and seller.  This is common practice for foreclosures and rental properties where the owner has not lived in the property for the past year.  https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/cite/513.60

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency, our screening uses the Composite Wipe sampling method.  This combines four samples from different locations in the home into one sample.


In accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health, our testing includes:


  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Enameled or painted metal, such as heat register vents and appliances.
  • Metal or enameled metal high in the room.
  • HVAC plenum -the cold air-return just before the furnace


Meth Testing is $50 when done with a home inspections.  Results are obtained immediately.

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