Beginning January 1st, 2019 we will no longer be offering radon testing.  This is a direct result of the Minnesota legislature requiring licensing for radon testing services.  This requirement will quadruple our costs to do testing resulting in unrealistic costs to our clients.

Our Recommendations for Radon Testing

  • Ask the seller to provide the test
  • Purchase a test kit from the MN Department of Health website and do your own test following the directions on the test kit.  You can also watch the video below for instructions.  Have your agent let you in and out of the house.  MN Law only requires the person performing the test to be licensed if they do the testing for compensation.
  • Save your money from the test and use it towards a mitigation system after you buy the house.  The cost of testing is approximately ¼ of the cost of installing a full mitigation system.  Houses built since 2009 already have a passive mitigation system installed.  The cost of installing a fan, making this an active mitigation system is approximately the same cost as a radon test.
  • If you still want to purchase a radon test from a licensed Radon Measurement Professional you can find a list on the MN Department of Health website:

If You Hire a Radon Measurement Professional


  • Ask to see a copy of their Measurement Professional License
  • Ask who pays for the retest if the test is found to be compromised due to a violation of closed house conditions or severe weather during the test.
  • The radon testing should take place after the home inspection.  That way, if you decide not to purchase the home based on the inspection findings, you’re not out the cost of the radon testing.  Also, if the radon test is conducted during the home inspection, the home inspection will violate the closed house conditions necessary during the radon test and the test will have to be redone.
  • The MN Law requires testing of each unique foundation type.  section 2    Foundation types are basements, slabs, crawlspaces, piers.  For example, if the house is a 1950’s era rambler with a basement and no additions only one test device is necessary.  However, if that same house has an addition with a basement, crawlspace, slab or pier foundation, two test devices are required.  If the house is a multi-story with a basement, two slabs and a piered addition, 4 test devices will be required.
  • Make sure the Measurement Professional does not test during times of severe weather.  “Short-term measurements of less than 96 hours shall not be conducted during severe storms or periods of sustained high winds (30 miles per hour or more)  AGENCY NOTE: The National Weather Service defines a severe storm as a storm that generates winds of 58 mph and/or ¾-inch diameter hail and that may produce tornadoes – not necessarily in that order.”  Daniel Tranter,  Supervisor | Indoor Air Unit, Minnesota Department of Health.   Testing during these conditions will violate the AARST standards of testing and the test will need to be re-run.
  • More rules for radon testing can be found at  If you see violations of these rules contact the MN Department of Health at, ph. 651-201-4601

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The following map shows radon tests performed by Minnesota Home Inspectors LLC from 2011 through 2018.

  • Green: Radon levels under 4.0 pc/l
  • Yellow: Radon levels over 4.0 pc/l and under 10.0 pc/l
  • Red: Radon levels over 10.0 pc/l

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