We Protect Our Clients
 We Protect Our Clients
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There is a big difference in home inspectors. 

Compare our sample report with their sample report.

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About Us:

All MHI home inspections follow the ASHI Standard Of Practice and include:


  • Structural System
  • Exterior
  • Roof System
  • Plumbing System
  • Electrical System
  • Heating System
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Interior
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances




At Minnesota Home Inspectors we go beyond the ASHI standards and include:

  • Carbon Monoxide testing of the gas fired appliances
  • Thermal Imaging of suspected water pipe leaks and overheated electrical connections
  • Physically walking the roof when it can be safely accomplished
  • Non invasive moisture testing of accessible areas
  • Temperature difference testing of the central air conditioning system
  • Gas pipe leak detection
  • Decks, balconies, and porches
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Laundry appliances
  • Visual examination for mold
  • Radon Mitigation Systems
  • Dozens of digital images
  • Instruction on the operation of your installed systems

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What is a home inspection?  Do I need a home inspection?  Watch the video below to find out.


If you're looking for an experienced, insured, ASHI Certified home inspector using the latest technology to inspect your dream house, give us a call.  ASHI Certified Inspectors are the only inspectors fully certified by the National Commission on Certifying Agencies (NCCA), a third-party independent certifying agency.


There is no state regulation of Home Inspectors in Minnesota. Therefore many people are performing home inspections with little or no experience or training.   These are the inspectors with "online" certifications.  They don't want you to attend the inspection as they don't want you to see how unqualified they really are.  They'll give you a "Free 90 day Warranty" or enroll in their "Home Buyback Program" and sell your personal information to other companies.  These are typically the lowest priced inspections and are often referred by real estate agents.  They have no insurance, and you'll get a check list report with few or no pictures in a day or two. You'll have to pay cash or write the check directly to the inspector since their "business" is on the side.


If the cost of your home inspection is your main concern, it shouldn't be. Not all inspectors, inspections or inspection reports are the same. The easiest way to determine if the home inspector is right for you is by viewing their Previously Owned Home Sample Report or New Home Sample Report. It does you no good to spend $25 less if you cannot read the inspection report or you don't know what the home inspector is referring to in the inspection report.


So make sure your Home Inspector is a professional Home Inspector. One who does it for a living, is nationally certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and stand behind their work. We do.



If you're shopping for a home inspector here are some questions to ask your potential inspector:

  • Are you licensed? This is kind of a trick question as there is currently no licensing of Home Inspectors in the State of Minnesota.
  • Do you belong to a trade association? We are Certified Home Inspectors through ASHI. ASHI Certified Inspectors are the only home inspectors who have completed a recognized certification process. There are less than 60 ASHI Certified Inspectors servicing the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.
  • Is your business registered with the State of Minnesota?  Minnesota Home Inspectors is a Registered Business in good standing with the State of Minnesota.
  • Is your report a handwritten checklist? All MHI reports are computer generated with professional software and include digital photos.  Compare our previously owned home sample report or new home sample report with their sample report (if they even have one).
  • Will I receive my report the same day? All MHI reports are available the same day. Even at the inspection if necessary.
  • How many inspections have you performed? Never ask how long they've been in business as they could be inspecting homes part time and only inspected 500 homes in the past 10 years. Our inspectors have inspected thousands of homes, full time, for the past several years, throughout the Twin Cities.
  • Can I attend the inspection? Our inspector is fully vaccinated and we are now allowing clients to attend the inspection.  However, we ask that the number of people be limited to 2 or 3.  We also ask that you only come towards the end of the inspection to limit exposure.  We will let you know a good time to come when you schedule the appointment.  Mask are optional during the inspection, however we do ask to try to social distance as much as possible.
  • Do you charge by the square foot? At Minnesota Home Inspectors we do. It's really none of our business what you're paying for your home and the purchase price has nothing to do with the amount of work we have to do during the inspection.
  • Do you utilize a thermal imaging device? We utilize a FLIR handheld thermal imaging camera to assist us in finding water leaks and hot electrical connections...at no extra charge.
  • Is my personal information safe? Many home inspectors will sell your name and contact information to alarm companies, home warranty companies and recall notification companies. Minnesota Home Inspectors will never sell or give your personal information to anyone, ever.
  • Do you include Carbon Monoxide testing? All home inspections done through Minnesota Home Inspectors include carbon monoxide testing of gas burning appliances utilizint professional HVAC testing equipment.
  • Do you include a visual examination for mold? If we see or smell mold during the inspection, it gets reported.  We won't hold you hostage like other companies forcing you to pay for additional testing.  In fact, the Minnesota Department of Health does not recommend mold testing.  They state,"If you can see or smell mold in your home, you know you have a mold problem." https://www.health.state.mn.us/mold


Types of Inspections We Do:


  • Home buyer’s inspection

Buyer’s inspections are the most common type of inspection. The persons purchasing the property hire an inspector to help identify major defects and other problems so they can make an informed decision about the building's condition.


  • Post closing inspection

Did you forgo the inspection to get your offer accepted?  Then this inspection is for you!  This is the same as a buyer's inspection and you'll learn about the property so you can prioratize repairs and learn how to maintain your new home.  Feel free to hang out with us during the inspection, ask questions...that's why we're here.


  • Home seller’s inspection

A homeowner who is selling their house hires an inspector to identify problems with their house. The seller shares the report with any potential buyers or make any necessary repairs so the house is known to be in good condition, encouraging a quick sale.


  • Pre-delivery inspection (New home inspection)

The pre-delivery inspection applies to brand new homes.  (Yes,  you should have your new home inspected.  See our New Home Sample Report to see why.)  These inspections take place up to a week before a closing and they allow buyers the opportunity to inspect their new home. Additionally, the inspection is to ensure that the home is substantially completed and major items are in working order.  We'll also verify that the siding, shingles and HVAC systems are installed to the manufacturer's specifications so as not to void their warrantees.


  • Historic home inspections (Homes over 100 years old)

We specialize in historic home inspections.  The majority of the homes we inspect are over 100 years old.  Here is a Historic Home Sample Report from an actual inspection we've performed.


  • Eleventh month inspection

           (One year warranty inspection)

 An 11th month inspection is an inspection of a home less than one year old, before the builder's warranty ends, to discover any defects requiring warranty service.


  • Multi-family home inspection

Basically the same as a home buyer's inspection, but for duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.


  • Limited scope inspection

This type of inspection is not for real estate transactions and you must currently own the property.  You pick the system; roof, siding, windows, furnace, air conditioning, deck, etc.  We'll provide you with a written report, including pictures of it's current condition and any recommendations we may have.


About Your Inspection:

The typical home inspection takes between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 hours. We encourage our clients to attend the entire inspection. Not only do we inform our clients about the deficiencies, we also take the time to educate them regarding maintenance of the systems in their new home.

We email the report in PDF format to the client and (with the client's permission) their agent the same day, typically within a few hours.

Before you leave the inspection you'll receive your inspector's direct cell phone number. Feel free to call us directly at any time. We're happy to answer any and all questions.



We are able to provide next day inspections with the reports delivered the same day. We service the following cities and counties in Minnesota: Minneapolis, St Paul, Woodbury, Maplewood, Coon Rapids, Andover, St. Paul Park, St. Louis Park, Plymouth, Savage, Roseville, Apple Valley, Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, Stillwater, White Bear Lake, Hugo, Little Canada, North St. Paul, Lino Lakes, Shoreview, Prior Lake, Lakeville, Bayport, Newport, Cottage Grove, Farmington, Hastings, Hampton, South Saint Paul, North Saint Paul,  Ham Lake, Arden Hills, Hilltop, Falcon Heights, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington, Anoka, Sherburne, Carver, Wright, Scott, Dakota, Southern Isanti, and Southern Chisago.

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