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 We Protect Our Clients

4 Point Insurance Inspections

4-point inspection is a detailed assessment of four major areas of a property: the roofelectrical systemplumbing, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. It is usually requested by insurance companies to determine the condition of these crucial components before providing coverage.

Here are some key points about 4-point inspections:

  1. Purpose: A 4-point inspection gives an insurance company insight into the current condition of a house. It evaluates the major systems to assess their functionality and potential risks.

  2. Systems Examined:

    • Roofing: The inspector checks the roof for signs of damage, leaks, or wear.
    • Electrical: Homes with certain types of wiring (such as aluminum or knob-and-tube) may pose increased fire hazards and could be uninsurable.
    • Plumbing: The inspector examines pipes to gauge the likelihood of bursting, which could lead to water damage.
    • HVAC: The ventilation, heating, and cooling systems are assessed for functionality and potential issues.
  3. Insurance Requirement: Insurance companies often require a 4-point inspection before approving a new policy or renewing coverage. Older homes are more likely to need costly repairs, so insurers use this inspection to assess risk.

  4. Benefits:

    • Fast and Inexpensive: A 4-point inspection can be completed quickly and at a low cost.
    • Condition Assessment: Homeowners can use the inspection to identify issues that need addressing before selling their home.
    • Avoid Future Headaches: By preemptively checking major systems, homeowners can avoid unexpected repairs or replacements.

Remember that a 4-point inspection is not a substitute for a comprehensive home inspection. It focuses on specific areas relevant to insurance coverage and risk assessment.

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