We Protect Our Clients
 We Protect Our Clients

Ramsey County's FirstHome Program

If you're looking at utilizing Ramsey County's FirstHome program, we can do your inspection.  According to Ramsey County:

  • New and existing single-family detached homes, condos, townhouses and duplexes are eligible for FirstHome assistance. The home must be inspected by an ASHI certified inspector and meet housing quality standards and local codes prior to occupancy. 

Very few home inspectors in the Twin Cities are ASHI Certified Inspectors (ACI).  In fact, not all ASHI Inspectors are actually ASHI Certified Inspectors.  To make it even more complicated not all inspectors claiming to hold current ASHI Certified Inspector status are actually current ACI's.  You can check an inspector's status on https://www.homeinspector.org/Find-An-Inspector


More information on Ramsey County's FirstHome Program.


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