We Protect Our Clients
 We Protect Our Clients

                              Client Fidelity Pledge

Our clients are our livelihood.  Minnesota Home Inspectors LLC respect their rights to privacy and respect the fact that it is us who serve them.  Our clients have entrusted us with their inspection.  As such, we believe we owe our clients an absolute right to know that their personal and private information is safe with us.


Therefore, Minnesota Home Inspectors LLC promises we will not provide to any third party any personal or private information (to include contact information) about our client(s) or the property we have inspected, in exchange for compensation of any kind, nor free (including but not limited to products, services, incentives, rebates, barter, cash, condition for use / participation, or consideration) that we might receive, either directly or inderctly, from anyone or any company.


The client has the right to know, ultimately, who they are entering into agreement with and how that may affect their rights to privacy.  We stand by these principles.  Minnesota Home Inspectors LLC therefore acknowledge that if we willfully violate this pledge, it may be construed as misuse and may also constitute false and misleading marketing or advertising.  We take our client's rights to privacy seriously, and this is Our Pledge.



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