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Hi Ken,

I just want to thank you for such great work and your knowledge regarding the condition

and hidden facts of this home. The home had many defects and I am very glad that my buyer has the opportunity to get something much better in the near future.  I feel we all made the right decision to protect my client James D.


Thank you I am going to always recommend Minnesota Home Inspectors to everyone!!

Best regards,

Steve S.  Realtor, Edina Realty




Again, we really appreciated what you did for us.  Your inspection was very thorough, you explained fully what needed to be done to rectify or mitigate the problems and possible costs involved.  Above all, you were honest, which gives us the ability to make a decision and live with it.  We will certainly give you a top rating on Angie's List.



I wanted to thank you again for the thorough inspection you did with us @ xxxx Oakcrest Circle in Savage on Sat x/xx/13. Unfortunately the sellers are unwilling to budge with what we requested of them to have fixed on the house before closing even including the professional electrician and HVAC inspectors. I don't feel we asked too much of them, but feel this may have been a blessing in disguise. After going through the house with you, we realized how little upkeep they did on their home. As first time home buyers, Kyle and I were very anxious about the inspection process, but you made it easy and understandable for us. I hope we can use you again on the next house we find.
Sara S. and Kyle F.

I want to thank you for handling our home inspection, and then taking the time to go over the report and show me the items that you discovered. I am so glad we chose an independent inspector and that your schedule fit with ours. I truly enjoyed meeting you and talking with you after the inspection. Thank you for your time and professionalism. I will definitely recommend you to friends, family, and clients.

L. Brown
Hello Ken and Heather…
I just wanted to tell you that the inspection you did for xxx xxxxx was the most comprehensive and informative and understandable(with all the pictures, I could see what was meant) of all the inspections I’ve ever seen. Good Work! So, do send down more cards and brochures if you have them. The sale is going to cancel, which given the problems and the seller unwillingness to pay, it is the best for xxxxx.
G. Johnson, Edina Realty
Hi Ken,
Don't know if you remember me. But as we speak we are getting ready to move (end of September to be exact) into 2xxx E. 35th St. I just wanted to say thank-you very much for coming out to do a inspection that day. And I'm glad Steve N. has recommended you to us. We were very happy with your service and not to mention the lessons and info you had provide us. It was totally a learning experience. Speaking of which, the seller has fix all issues/ problems in the house....ever replacing the roof shingles. Without a doubt you will be our first recommendation to give when friends ask about home inspection.
Thank-you so much,
John Y.

The radon test came back at 1.2. This is very good. We will send you the full documentation later today.

Ken Rowe
Minnesota Home Inspectors
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Thanks, Ken - that is great news!
Thanks for everything. I enjoyed chatting with you during the inspection and really appreciate the time you took to thoroughly go over everything and explain things to me. Have a great week!
Holly W., MBA
Hello Ken,
Wanted to let you know that we negotiated with the sellers and they agreed to take responsibility of nearly all of the Action Items you called out in the report. In fact, we had a professional mold test done and based on the results, the sellers are paying for mold remediation, demo and re-build of most of the basement walls.
With your help, we’ll be closing with confidence that our house is "Kenny Approved" next Wednesday (the 23rd). Feel free to stop by sometime for a celebratory beer.
Matt S.
Director of Training
Hi Ken ,
Thanks again for doing our inspection. We are going to move forward on this house. There are a few thing we will have to fix but that’s part of owning a home. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing and working with you again in the future.
T. Peltier
Broker, Edina Realty
Just wanted to thank you for your recommendation to have the Stucco tested at the house we were looking at in Red Wing at Hi Park. We found that all the Stucco must come down.
Thanks again.
Hi Ken.
I just wanted to say thank you for the thorough inspection, as well as for following up with me and with the seller on our questions.
The seller has agreed to rip out the entire basement and re-do it according to your recommendations, so we are moving forward with the purchase.
If there's anything we can do for you, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to write a testimonial for you website and will certainly recommend you to friends in the future.
Susan S.
Your work was outstanding and thorough. Without you we would have bought a home with significant issues we were not aware of. We will both refer you to others and use you again in the very near future. Most importantly, you have given us both knowledge and a tool to use as we look at other homes. I will use this knowledge to make assessments before we even enter into a Purchase Agreement.
All the best,
Bill P.
Hi Ken:
Thanks so much for such a thorough report. Please feel free to add on to my first reference:
Ken has helped us now with three of our home inspections in a row. The first two inspections brought us to the conclusion that we did not want to move forward with the purchase. This last inspection confirmed that we indeed wanted to move forward given Ken’s findings. He has been so thorough and truly cared about us as the home buyer and provided excellent feedback and advice around repairs. I have worked with many professionals in my career and Ken has exceeded all expectations.
I want to also thank Heather, who does the scheduling and I am sure runs the office, for all of her work as she has been prompt, quick and worked directly with my realtor in scheduling, etc. Both Ken and Heather have made my experience as a homebuyer very positive. Also, I am 100% certain that I will not run into any surprises later down the line that would have been costly as in the case of my first and second home inspection by Ken. I highly recommend him given his knowledge and his affiliation with ASHI and deep knowledge of building codes, etc.
All the best,
Bill P.
Thank you Ken!

Thank you so much for the thorough inspection today. I feel very relieved & confident about this purchase. Being in sales, I completely understand the networking. You are definitely on the top of u list for referrals. I just recommended you to my cousins Dad. I guess she's going to be looking soon.

Thanks again!
Tammy G.
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