We Protect Our Clients
 We Protect Our Clients

Pre - Purchase Showing Consultation

Minnesota Home Inspectors LLC always recommends having a full home inspection which follows the ASHI standards of practice.   However, in today's real estate market we've seen many buyers foregoing the inspection to make their offers more attractive.  We've also seen buyers who've foregone the inspection and found the home in need of thousands of dollars of undisclosed repairs.  We want to prevent buyers from purchasing a money pit.


A Showing Consultation takes place during the buyer's showing.  The buyer's real estate agent sets up the showing and we will attend the showing with the buyer and real estate agent.  These showing are typically set up for 15 to 30 minutes.  We'll look at the outside and inside of the home and discuss any critical findings.  We'll determine the age of the heating system and water heater.  We'll also discuss the buyer's specific concerns.   This is not a home inspection.  The only inspection equipment we'll be using is a flashlight.  We will not be making an inspection report.  The buyer and agent are welcome to take notes.  


Because showings typically happen with short notice we ask that you call our office at (651)-489-4633 to set up the Showing Consultation instead of using our online booking system.  


We are typically available for Showing Consultations from 3:00pm to 7:00pm Monday through Friday and all day Saturdays.  We charge $100 per hour no matter how many houses we look at.

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